“We all eat, and it would be a sad waste of opportunity to eat badly.” -Anna Thomas


Indonesian Cusine

Pop up course

Students will learn to cook (and enjoy eating) Beef Rendang and Gado-Gado in the authentic Indonesian style with the very talented Ibu Yanti. 

Ibu Yanti


Ibu Yanti is well known in the community for her culinary skills and cooks Indonesian cuisine regularly for cultural events and celebrations; teaching cooking in school communities and working with adults. She is a passionate cook and uses traditional family recipes handed down through generations.

Indian Food

Indian Cusine

Level 2

4 weeks

Learn the authentic style of Indian Cusine with Dr Ramya who has 25 years  of culinary experience in both cooking and judging competitions.

Dr Ramya

Vegetarian Thali

Dr Ramya has 25 years of culinary experience and was a judge in cooking competitions in Melbourne.  She is the Secretary of the Tamil Association and an active community member.  Dr Ramya has vast experience creating authentic Indian cuisine for many festivals in the NT.  She has an inner love of food and a passion for cooking.